Retained Executive Search

A structured professional approach to recruiting senior leadership

As a retained executive search firm Handler & Associates works with client organizations to fill senior level executive roles (C-level, VP and Director level positions) and highly specialized professional positions. As the title suggests we operate under a retainer agreement and work with our clients on an exclusive basis.

We provide a high-level of service and work as consultants to:

  • Identify the best leadership talent for mission critical senior-level executive positions.
  • Present extraordinary candidates when internal search functions have failed to produce.
  • Assess talent that can fill leadership voids that have been creating performance shortfalls.


Our retained executive search practice, provides a structured professional approach to recruiting that offers hiring companies numerous benefits during the search process, including:

  • Precise targeting: concentrating efforts only on those sources that generate the most qualified candidates and provide maximum access to currently employed talent.
  • Third party professional assessment: exacting evaluation of potential candidates including in-depth personal interviews, verification of experience and credentials, cultural compatibility and behavioral assessments yield only the most qualified candidates.
  • Insulation from unqualified candidates: because candidates work primarily with an intermediary until the latter stages of the process, clients avoid the tedium of assessing unscreened candidates provided through conventional social and professional referrals.
  • Reduced management time: since all aspects of the search are professionally managed, our client’s time is effectively utilized. Status reports are provided to track progress and clients are only involved with selection process of the finalists.
  • Confidentiality: in the event there is an unannounced management change, entrance into new markets or an incumbent still holds the position, we work anonymously and offer complete confidentiality.

Finding exceptional leadership candidates is always a challenge. The best individuals are usually already employed, well compensated and content in their jobs. Regardless of economic conditions, the demand for leadership always exceeds the supply. As retained executive search consultants, Handler & Associates consistently delivers top leadership talent with speed and efficiency.

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