The Handler Report

The Care and Development of Millenials

Millennials are much talked about, and supposedly little understood.

We want you to not only understand Millennials, but also know how to engage and develop them into the future leaders your organization needs to depend upon now and in the near future.

Last month’s [insert link to last month’s blog on] blog post shed some light on the intense need Millennials have to learn and grow in ways that are of interest to them.

This month we’re diving deeper to give you practical guidance on how to spot the right traits in potential young leaders and develop them into mature leaders. We also share advice on how to spot those whose mindsets will hinder leadership potential.

As we prepared this Handler Report for you, we couldn’t help but be inspired to up-level our own maturity and be better models of leadership for younger generations.

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"“…being a leader means first leading yourself and thereby learning to successfully take on opportunities and challenges in life. The emerging generations simply need to be shown how.""

Dr. Tim Elmore, Growing Leaders

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