Nadine Walley headshot

Nadine Walley

Search Consultant


  • Mission

    Use my energy and creativity to strategize, coach and inspire, challenge myself and others to be the best version of themselves by using their God-given talents and gifts

  • Superpower

    Bring enthusiasm to every situation, which also happens to be her favorite Handler value

  • Hobbies

    Leading a bootcamp over Zoom, running near the Chattahoochee, creative cooking, gardening, or reading

  • Favorite restaurants around Atlanta

    Cooks and Soldiers, Spring, all the Mexican restaurants

  • What she does outside of Handler

    Leads Life Lessons Over Lunch, speaking to a group of job seekers

About Nadine

The Team Foodie

Nadine Walley brings a diverse background as a Search Consultant to Handler through her experience in healthcare, government, and human capital development consulting in the areas of marketing, branding, economic development, corporate responsibility, and community relations.  Prior to Handler, she was an executive career coach and business consultant with the Frontier Group, where she focused on Emotional Intelligence; helping her clients prepare for the job market. She also has worked in state government through the state legislature and economic development.  She has 17 years of experience in the hospital and healthcare space serving in sales, marketing, and community relations roles.

What a Leader Worth Following Means to Nadine:

They make others feel good about themselves and engage at all levels. They are chronic learners. They put others first. They know themselves well but are also humble.

Nadine earned her Bachelor’s from the State University of New York at Binghamton in Education and Human Development and a Master’s from Central Michigan University in Administration. She holds a Global Career Development Facilitator Certification from the Center for Credentialing and Education, Certification in EQ Coaching through the Adele Leadership Institute, and is an AIRS Certified Recruiter in Diversity (CDR), Internet (CIR), Social Media (CSMR), and Professional (PRC). Nadine volunteers in the community by providing leadership to the weekly Life Lessons at Hotel Equities Career Networking Group and presents regularly to these and other career networking forums in the Atlanta area. Nadine has also served as a board member with the Greater North Fulton and was involved in the Cobb and Sandy Springs Chambers of Commerce Workforce Development Committees.

Meet her dog, Brix

Brix is our 2+ year old and is our fourth golden retriever. We are wine connoisseurs and so we named her Brix because it is the term used to measure the amount of sugar in liquid—in our case wine—also, she is very sweet! She will play fetch all day and night; mostly tennis balls. She also needs daily runs as she has so much energy.