Nysie Henry headshot

Nysie Henry

Office Support Leader


  • Enneagram


  • Personality tests show

    She’s a Multitasker with a bit of ADHD

  • What she’s doing outside of work

    As a homebody, she’s spending time with her cats and husband

  • Her mission

    To bring as much value as she can, paying attention to the little details along the way

  • What she loves about Atlanta

    It’s where she got her start in acting and is a creative and fun city

  • Her true love

    Acting, because it brings out her creative self

About Nysie

Has a huge love of life and the stage

I have a varied and rich heritage.  How I came to Handler was by the way of one visit to the Atlanta Jobseekers group, a professional organization that Eric Handler assists in running. At that Friday morning meeting in March of 2016, the members briefly described their professional background and Eric reacted with, “Nysie, I might have some work for you.”  And the rest is history.  As of April 6 of this year 2021, I have been with Handler for 5 years!  What a wonderful journey and trip it has been.  Working for Handler has been a dream job of mine, and has not just been a “job” but a professional role that has changed my life, being richly rewarding both personally and professionally.

What a Leader Worth Following Means to Nysie:

Someone who gets their hands dirty. They’re willing to get on their knees to serve and work.

Before I met Eric, I was employed at a firm headed by an attorney-turned-entrepreneur who started a company providing Chief Legal Officers for businesses.  I worked in a variety of functions, administration, business development support, and recruiting assistance.  In addition to and previous to this, I had been acting for 10 years and performed as Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Midtown as well as a variety of other roles and was active with the Georgia Renaissance Festival for several years. These were amazing, fun times, some of the most exciting and happiest of my entire life.  Having been raised, in Atlanta, I am the youngest of four children, also the youngest of 18 grandchildren; I graduated as an Alpha Omega (pre-first to graduate) from The Westminster Schools, earned a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University, and am married to Dave Henry, my wonderful and handsome husband.  I and my husband and our 2 cats, Mixie and Cotton, are proud to call Marietta our home.

Meet her cats, Mixie and Cotton

Nysie married her husband who previously owned Mixie and Cotton, so you could say she married into the family! Mixie and Cotton are adult male cats who sleep most of the day and then also sleep at night (what a life!). Their favorite thing is to follow Nysie down the stairs and into the kitchen every morning after she wakes up, so they can eat when she eats, because she’s a sucker for feeding them. They know when breakfast time is, too — they will pound on the bed on the weekend and meow to be fed!