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There’s a reason we’ve been trusted with more than 4,000 searches since 1977.

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“Handler cares about the candidates they are working with, they’re not just looking to fill a position with the first person that comes along.”

– Spencer Shell, Treasurer, SWM International

“They’ve taken something that used to be a pain point for me and turned it into something I actually enjoy dealing with. They are true partners in the business for us.”

Avi Stadler, General Counsel, Chief of Staff, Esquire Deposition Services LLC

The Atlanta job market has changed. It’s time to do something different.

We identify the best leadership talent for mission-critical senior-level executive positions. Here are a couple of topics and questions to ask yourself when determining when to use Handler.

  • Have I fully exhausted my existing network?
  • How much time to do I have to spend recruiting for this role?
  • Can the business afford to have a bad hire with this position?
  • Do I want to select from the best the market has to offer?
  • Is confidentiality important while recruiting for my next leader?

There is no risk. Guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied with our services at any time, we refund all fees.

We deliver exceptional leaders through our Retained Executive Search and Private Label Recruitment services.

Hiring and Retention Go Hand in Hand

After you hire the best employees, you have to start immediately working to keep them in place. Prioritize your employees’ well-being and ask them what they need from you so they can be happy and successful.

Make a change today by asking employees these 3 questions:

Number 1

What do you need from me to make your life easier?

Number 2

What are your dreams professionally, and how can I help you get there?

What could I do today to improve our company’s culture?

Download the full Retention Toolkit below, and gain insights that will help you keep talent on staff.

Finding the difference makers in Atlanta for your vision.

  • Passive candidates
  • Proven process
  • Top talent predictor
  • 45+ years
  • 4,000+ searches
  • Extensive network
  • Ensuring right fit
  • High-touch experience
  • Deep relationships

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