Laura Lloyd headshot Written by: Laura Lloyd

3 Leadership Lessons We’ve Learned in The Past 2 Years

The way we lead has changed over the past couple of years. We used to see our employees every single day—we had conversations at each other’s desks, ate lunch together and it was so much easier to get in touch with people if we had a question or problem. 

But now, with a renewed focus put on remote work, leaders have to try harder to connect with their employees. Leadership has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started, but the need for strong leaders worth following is more important than ever.

Here are some of the leadership lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic. 

Lesson No. 1: Working remotely can turn you into a workaholic. 

Working from home offers many great benefits. We have fewer opportunities for “surprise” meetings or check-ins from coworkers, more time to spend with family and we get to avoid the dreaded daily commute.

But working remotely also has its disadvantages. For one, working remotely can sometimes blur the lines between office hours and free hours at home—because we now work only a few steps from where we live. 

Leaders need to make sure they set clear boundaries with themselves and their employees, and stick to them!

  • Set clear office hours
  • Mute notifications on email, messaging and other work-related applications
  • Use your PTO and find time to get away from your busy work life

Lesson No. 2: Isolation requires intentional actions.

Though we are digitally more connected than we have ever been, there is something we miss from face-to-face interactions with employees and coworkers. It can be hard to maintain relationships with coworkers and get to know them when we spend so much time away. 

Leaders need to reach out intentionally to employees to check in on them.

  • Set recurring meetings to debrief and talk about the past week with employees. 
  • Ask them about their wants and needs in and outside of work. 
  • Get to know your team members.

Lesson No. 3: Your mental/physical health impacts the way you lead.

We’ve all been there—tasks start to pile up, emails come pouring in and your phone starts ringing off the hook. A team needs its leader, and sometimes putting so much focus on your job and serving your clients can be to a leader’s detriment. 

Leaders need to take care of themselves first if they want to serve others. 

  • Exercise regularly
  • Make sure you take clarity breaks away from your screen
  • Sleep. Give yourself a chance to recover from a full day’s activities!

By applying these lessons learned, you can take steps toward making an easier and more enjoyable work-life for yourself. 

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