Skip the hiring mistakes and delays.

Shift talent acquisition from struggle to strategic advantage.

Two members of Team Handler, recruiting firm in Atlanta, are sitting at a meeting table discussing their next search

“They’ve taken something that used to be a pain point for me and turned it into something I actually enjoy dealing with. They are true partners in the business for us.”

Avi Stadler, General Counsel, Chief of Staff, Esquire Deposition Services LLC

When hiring is personal, we deliver.

There is
no risk. Guaranteed.

If you’re not satisfied with our services at any time we will refund all fees.

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Trusted with more than 3,000 searches since 1977.

We believe vision is accomplished through leadership. That’s why we’re passionate about searching for those leaders worth following, and making the hiring process personal.

Eric Handler and Laura Lloyd, of Handler, have helped connect companies to more than 3,000 searches since 1977.

Finding the difference makers in Atlanta for your vision.

  • Passive candidates
  • Proven process
  • Top talent predictor
  • 42+ years
  • 3,000+ searches
  • Extensive network
  • Ensuring right fit
  • High-touch experience
  • Deep relationships
Team Handler members smiling at the camera - Handler is a recruiting firm in Atlanta