Tammy McElroy headshot Written by: Tammy McElroy

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring

Winning the war for talent is crucial to any business’s survival. You have to have a strong and thorough recruiting process in order to secure the best talent. 

Everywhere you look, everybody is hiring, and you have to find ways to stand out from other companies who are looking. To be successful in this, you have to avoid making simple mistakes that can keep you from making the hire.

Here are three mistakes your company should avoid during the hiring process.

  1. Don’t assume your candidate is exclusive: You can never assume that a candidate you are interviewing isn’t looking at other job opportunities. In this current job market, recruiters are using every tool available to reach out to top talent. 

Recruiters are reaching out by phone, email and LinkedIn and turning to passive candidates and referrals. According to one SHRM study, it takes the average company 36 days to make a hire. If you set your sights on one candidate and don’t move quick enough to make the right hire, then another recruiter will be there to take your candidate for another position. 

  1. Never believe your compensation packages will be enough to win top talent: One study said 89% of employers say an employee left because they wanted more money, but that’s not the case. Only about 12% in this study left for that reason. 

Many employees are now saying they value a company’s culture and focus on work-life balance before making the decision to accept a position. Companies need to offer more comprehensive benefits and put more of a focus on improving company culture if they want to attract candidates.

  1. Don’t assume candidates will easily relocate: The ability to work remotely has completely turned this on its head. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught many employees that they can do their job from anywhere. So, they are not willing to relocate for a position. A job recruiter can’t assume that any position is valuable enough to a candidate for them to consider life and relocating their families. Candidates want to stay where they are, and employers need to consider rethinking their current business plans to allow for fully remote positions if they want to attract top talent. 

By avoiding these mistakes, you can make the hiring process easier. If you need help developing your plan to attract the best talents, we would love to work with you!