Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

5 Post-Pandemic Recruiting Trends

The COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly changed the way we recruit leaders and top talent. Candidates are looking for different things in a company. There’s a heavy focus on the well-being of employees.

“Candidates increasingly expect companies to offer them not only competitive compensation and benefits, but also a compelling employee experience, and that was happening of course pre-pandemic. As people have gotten used to designing their own work experience, fitting their job into their life, candidates are just less likely to want to give up this new autonomy even if they do eventually return to an in-person work environment.”

Lauren Smith, Gartner Research VP

Woman looking at resume while conducting post-pandemic interview with man on video chat on the laptop

Here are a few recruiting trends we’re seeing as search consultants:

  1. Video interviews. This has become a trend for obvious reasons as businesses try to hire while keeping employees remote. However, it looks like video interviews are here to stay. Many are noticing how it speeds up a timeline and works better for schedules. It’s a great way to streamline the recruiting process.
  2. Remote work. This has been a hot topic lately. Remote work not only allows you to expand your search, looking for candidates beyond your area, but it’s a topic that’s top of mind for many candidates. Most are looking for a company that offers the flexibility and choice to work remotely. They want to know if this will be permanent or up in the air post-pandemic.
  3. Wellness. There’s a major shift and focus on wellness in the corporate world. How are you caring for your current employees’ wellness? Do they get mental health breaks? Do you talk about or give time and/or a stipend for fitness? This is another great thing that the Pandemic brought to light, that many companies are catching on to.
  4. Employee Perks. Things like free snacks and ping pong tables are long gone. These just aren’t priorities for candidates anymore, especially with the rise in remote work. Now, candidates are looking for things like flexibility, mental health days, more time off, etc. It’s important to highlight what perks you offer outside of the in-office perks.
  5. Hiring within. It’s no secret that it has become near impossible to hire new employees. Trends are showing that many companies are looking within to hire for new positions. According to LinkedIn data, internal hiring is up 20%. We expect to see that continue to rise.

While some of these trends will come and go, others are certainly here to stay. If you’re looking to hire in Q4 or into 2022, you need to know what candidates are looking for, what they’re asking, and how you can stand out. The hiring market is tough right now, but with the right tools in place, you can succeed in hiring those leaders worth following.