7 Reasons Why Companies Retain An Executive Search Firm

The executive search process can be layered with challenges and delays. And those are things most companies can’t afford. Retaining an executive search firm to fill a C-suite or executive leadership role offers an abundance of benefits and advantages. Here are the top 7 reasons we hear from our clients on why they choose an executive search firm: 

Access To A Larger Talent Pool

Networking is essential at the executive level, but it is not always fast, efficient, or effective and can only get you so far. With an executive search firm, your network immediately expands far beyond normal networking capacities into a whole new world of vetted and highly qualified candidates. 

Strategic Experience In Filling C-Suite Roles

Finding that unique leader worth following, the one who is aligned with your company culture and mission is no small feat. A successful executive search is designed, strategized, and executed with targeted precision to generate the best possible outcome.

Increased Risk Mitigation Against Unaligned Hires

The worst possible outcome is to go through all the interviews, hiring, onboarding, and training only to end up with a candidate who is not aligned with your company’s culture, mission, or vision. Working with an executive search firm gives you the confidence that your next C-suite hire is vetted and aligned with what matters most to your company. 

At Handler, we offer a 100% guarantee of candidate success, or we will do the search again at no fee. 

Objective Recruiting and Hiring

Personality hires are always fun, but they can lead to a misalignment of qualifications and capabilities. The same is true with a desperate hire. All you see is the need you have and not the glaring disconnect of who you’re actually hiring. 

Handler’s focus is on qualifying candidates against a specific set of skills requirements and culture fit.

Prioritizes Long-Term Impact And Influence

A C-suite executive role is one of the most critical hires in your corporation. Leaders Worth Following will have an immediate impact and lasting influence on your teams, departments, and your company as a whole. An executive search firm will help you keep your eye on the big picture and hire for long-lasting value. 

End-to-end Management Of The Recruiting Process

Working with an executive search firm allows you to skip the hiring mistakes and delays that are so common in this space. There is a strategic advantage to working with seasoned, experienced professionals who can make the process smooth and successful while saving you valuable executive time. 

Access To Specialized Talent

Creative recruiting strategies and hiring in the executive space are invaluable. But if you need to fill a specialized role with someone who is up to a unique challenge, it’s non-negotiable. Your in-house or typical network pool can dry up quickly with specialized needs. 

If you need to fill a C-suite role now or in the near future, reach out to the team at Handler for practical support and timely clarity.