Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Activate Your Team…on Social Media

Despite the widespread benefits of social media for connecting with customers, prospects and partners, many companies and organizations remain cautious about leveraging employee influence to promote company services/brands and recruiting.  That’s understandable.

Social media as a sales and recruitment tool

Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook among many others, can be valuable hiring, sales and marketing tools that any of your employees can leverage to benefit your business.  For example, you can engage your marketing department to ensure your sales team and other customer facing employees have the content they need to establish themselves as subject matter experts.  Your employee base is an extension of your brand — everything they share via social media about your company reflects your organization and its values.  Allowing your employees to share updates and information through their professional networks provides a multiplier effect that can get the word out to your target audiences far more efficiently than conventional media alone.  However, we should all be careful and remember to train first to ensure expectations are clearly defined.   

Get the right training

You and most of your staff members likely already know how to use social media sites, but you may not be getting the most out of your networks and existing relationships. Training your employees to use social media as a tool for recruiting can have significant benefits to your brand, but be sure to train, train and train again.  If you need proof that training is essential, click the link below.

Additional Resource: A 2 minute video on the social media blunders of 2014 –