Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

The Significance of Candidate Experience

Today’s candidates expect more. They want their interactions with hiring companies to be high touch, high tech, and most of all, fair and transparent. That means a completely seamless, mobile-friendly experience customized to their interactions.

By the time a qualified candidate arrives for an interview, he or she has invested a significant amount of time and effort to get there.

In effect, they’ve already ‘swiped right’ to express interest in your organization.

Great organizations understand the value of a candidate pool, and invest strategically to continue and deepen the relationship. You could say they “swipe right” to create mutually expressed interest.

On the other hand, candidates that don’t hear from their intended have an experience that feels like ‘swipe left’ to disengage. Silence isn’t golden, it’s ill-mannered. 

If your organization’s first step is still to post a new position, rather than socializing it to already interested contacts and referral sources, you’re missing the best fishing spot.

And, if you haven’t formally experienced your organization as a candidate, you need to. Why not go ahead and apply as an undercover candidate? We have one chance to make a good impression.

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