Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

‘Capacity’ is More Relevant than Ever to Assess Right-Fit Hires

We notice successful Handler clients leveraging these uncertain times to reimagine their industries. Top Talent remains in high demand, and for good reason. Rather than hold on and hunker down, we encourage you to do the same and use this time to advance your organization with strategic, right-fit talent.

To help in that regard, we featured the People Analyzer™ tool in a Handler Report, and in earlier blogs have been expanding on how to best use it. Today’s final aspect is more relevant than ever: Capacity.

The concept of capacity encompasses both the present and the future. When evaluating a candidate, we see a tendency to focus more on fit for today and the short-term. A truly right fit also weighs the future potential of the role and ensures the candidate’s capacity to grow is a match.

As organizations are learning to quickly adapt to change, employees must have a similar ability to quickly evolve.

Capacity goes beyond skills, experience, and education – all of which must align for optimum performance in a role – to look for the ability and willingness to learn and grow, and the intellect and drive to develop the role to where the organization is headed in the future.

The People Analyzer’s 3-question litmus test – Get-It? Want-It? Capacity-to-do-It? – are like a juggler with three balls: when all the balls are in a fluid motion, the act is impressive. To ensure right-fit, all three answers must be Yes! A No or Maybe in any area is like a juggler dropping a ball and will not equate to a truly right-fit hire.

Want to hear Handler’s perspective? Click here to listen to Managing Partner Eric Handler provide an overview of the Capacity to Do It piece of the People Analyzer™.