Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Chillax, Gen Zers are here

Work life may never be the same now that Gen. Zers are entering the workforce. This is the generation born from 2001 on. 

As with Boomers and Millennials, Gen. Xers now get to work side by side with the generation they raised.

Time, technology and focus highlight the main differences between Millennials and Gen. Zers.

Recall how shocking Millennials’ expectations for quick career progression seemed? Liken Millennials to seconds and Gen. Zers to milliseconds, a thousand times faster, while telling others to ‘chillax.’ And don’t bring up yesterday’s mistake, because to them that is talking about ancient history.

Whereas Millennials might have raised an eyebrow at outdated technology, Gen. Zers might scoff and skirt off. After all, have phone, will job hop.

Supervisors need to understand that Gen. Zers are both confident and risk-averse. To bring out the best in Gen. Zers, entrust them with important work, and ensure they understand (in their 8-second attention span) why they should complete it on time and as requested. Give on-the-spot feedback several times a day. Teach them how to competently evaluate risk-taking.

Gen. Zers need help to learn that a mind at rest, aka boredom, leads to creative breakthroughs. Don’t despair the constant headphones; Gen. Zers use them to bathe in the comfort of noise, not isolate themselves. Silence and no Wi-Fi feel like death to them.

Gen. Zers don’t want to disappoint, but if they don’t ‘get it’ they won’t do it.

Next month we’ll expand on recruiting, retaining and engaging workforce nuances with the Handler Report, “How to Speak so 5 Generations will Listen & Engage.”

Additional Resource: Click here for 1-minute video that contrasts Millennials and Gen. Zers.