Taking partnership to a whole new level

Avi Stadler had reached a breaking point. 

In 2017, the Executive Leader at Esquire Deposition Solutions, LLC, had an internal recruiting team that had burned out and quit. The responsibility of hiring all positions for the company was his. There was one problem, though.

“Recruiting, hiring and that whole process is my least favorite thing I do every single day,” Avi said with a laugh. “I got to a point where if I had to continue doing it the way I was before, it was going to cause me to lose my hair.

“It (recruiting) was the thing that kept me up at night every single day, and it was the thing that pushed me to want to do something different.”

He reached out to his friend, Eric Handler, after having a terrific recent experience with an executive search. and asked him to find a way to help him. He was desperate. 

“Our internal recruiter had quit,” he said. “It was very challenging to keep a recruiter happy. I have a lot of theories about why that is – it’s fast-paced and a lot of work. I went to Handler and said, ‘I have a problem. Maybe you and I can talk through potential solutions to that problem.”

“I kind of thought there had to be a better way to manage the recruitment of a company of our size, our resources, the national scope and constant demand for talent and otherwise.” 

Avi and the Handler Team talked through his biggest pain points and more about why those relationships with other recruiters hadn’t worked in the past. He said the team went away and mulled over that discussion before coming back to him with a proposal to become his full-time recruiting team with Private Label Recruiting.

“We came up with a relationship that made sense for Handler and Esquire,” he said. “That’s been our recruiting solution now for 6 or 7 years.”

Esquire has nearly doubled in size since Handler assumed nationwide recruiting, he says, but the Handler team has been able to hire the right talent to support Esquire’s amazing growth story. Now, with 550+ employees, he says Esquire isn’t looking back or slowing down and they are continuing to expand. He’s confident, though, in the Handler team’s ability to help them sustain that growth for the future.

“If I hadn’t found a solution, I’m just not sure what would’ve happened,” he says. “It turns out, I joke that recruiting was the worst part of my job before, and now it’s among the favorite parts of my job just because I enjoy working with the Handler team and [Laura], Tammy and Eric and the whole group.”

“There’s no way we could have done this without Handler. It just wouldn’t have been possible.”

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