Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Excellence…Are You Committed?

Did you set goals in January? Are you still committed to them? 

Staying on track requires a mindset of excellence. Excellence translates to being our best. Jim Rohn, renowned business philosopher, suggests that you work harder on yourself than you do on your job. This requires a plan and should be a non-negotiable.

As a leader, you set the bar for excellence. 

When teams follow the leader’s example of excellence and self-improvement, great things happen. It affects everyone: colleagues, customers, partners and the velocity of the business as a whole.  

However, it just won’t happen. What’s your plan for personal development? What’s your strategy to follow the plan? 

Here’s a quick and effective way to help keep yourself and others on track. New research says the trick is to ask a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. For example, ‘Will you be working harder on yourself than on your job this week?’ Or, ‘Will you and your team remain committed to excellence?’ If you say ‘yes,’ you’re more likely to do it.

Excellence is one of our core values at Handler and Associates. We have committed to continually improving ourselves so that we can always deliver our best for our clients.  

We invest in ourselves, continuously seeking growth in personal and professional development. We value life balance. Leveraging the strengths of each other, we work every day on getting better. Our commitment to excellence gives us the confidence and ability to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Additional Resource: Click here to see Jim Rohn explains in 90 seconds the reason to work harder on yourself than on your job.

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