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Finding the Right Cultural Fit Matters – But It’s Not the Only Thing

Today, company culture is becoming increasingly important in recruitment. And the term “right fit” has become a part of everyday hiring language. But finding perfect cultural fits isn’t always an easy task. In fact, it can be quite costly and arduous, and making a wrong decision could cost you even more in the long run.

It’s About More Than Just Culture
While finding someone who works well within your company is undoubtedly beneficial, there are still other things to consider. Professional experience, skill-set, client alignment, personality and career focus are equally as important when evaluating candidates.

Don’t worry – Handler can help you find those right fits. How? By considering four key areas during recruiting:
*Company Alignment – Does everyone agree on what a right fit looks like?
*Tools and Assessments – Are you using the right recruiting tools for your organization?
*Candidate Traits – Do candidates’ skills and career goals align with your needs?
*Business Impacts – How could candidates affect business productivity and costs?

In our 41-year history of executive recruitment, Handler understands the importance of new leaders fitting into the culture and the positive impact that comes with shared values.

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing a series of blogs that further explore these areas and more to help you:
* Gather insights and prioritize considerations
* Identify and align with your ideal candidates
* Define the necessary candidate skills
* Communicate your company and department cultures – also known as your “Employer Brand”
* Understand tools and assessments and when/how to use them
* Find the ideal candidate

Learn How to Get More Quality Candidate
We’re just getting started.  And we look forward to you joining us in the next several months when we share more about how to overcome common recruiting challenges.  Stay tuned….