Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Handler’s Non-Negotiable in Right-Fit Talent Acquisition

Culture has climbed the corporate ladder, an indication that leaders realize how central it is to a strong employer brand. Titles heretofore rare – “Vice President, People & Culture,” “Global Leader, People & Culture” – are becoming more common as we understand its significance. When it comes to right-fit talent acquisition, cultural fit remains a non-negotiable.

Organizations learned this collective lesson the hard way. They used to rationalize that a new hire’s intellect, skills or other contribution would more than compensate for a cultural mismatch. What they discovered in practice is that without cultural fit, the impact a leader can have is short-lived and long-pained.

Assessing cultural fit is difficult if it’s addressed as a separate, stand-alone topic. Consider culture and values inextricably linked: values are the heart and the culture is the blood, inseparable in achieving success.

Ensuring cultural fit is easy when both the candidate’s and the company’s values are showcased as similar in every phase of the recruitment process, from the first outreach to the offer.

“Cultural fit” means the candidates already embody a set of values as their compass, which means as a new hire, they feel instantly aligned and able to authentically lead and influence.

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