Laura Lloyd headshot Written by: Laura Lloyd

Handling Hiring Challenges at the End of the Year

Hiring the right leader worth following at the end of the year can be so exciting as it provides the confidence that the new year will begin with the right leadership. It can also become a Herculean effort, so be ready to address the unique challenges hiring at the end of the year brings. 

Two men and a woman at a table discussing hiring challenges at the end of the year

Here are 3 things you need to consider when hiring at the end of the year:

  1. Scheduling

Between week-long executive planning sessions and holiday travel plans, scheduling times for both candidates and hiring executives to meet becomes a huge obstacle. Emphasize the importance of the hire to ensure it is prioritized on the hiring executive’s calendar. Remember candidates will have limited availability, too.

We share at every Handler search launch the Handler value of “partnership” with our hiring managers. We need both their time and their consistent feedback to make a great hire.

  1. Offer Packages 

Many candidates will have already earned 90% of their annual bonus in their current role. Most often, the bonus isn’t paid until February or March. If they leave, they forgo the bonus. Hiring executives must be ready to address this compensation as part of the offer process. It’s usually a pretty big number, too.

Handler is highly experienced in helping our clients navigate this potential challenge which most often happens in 4th quarter hiring.

  1. Market Attention 

During the holidays, potential candidate engagement will be inconsistent. Some candidates will be too busy with holidays to engage, while others will have slowed down at work just enough to reflect on their career and realize they are ready for a new opportunity. Like they say, timing is everything. This is especially true in recruiting leaders worth following. 

With the right strategy, hiring a leader worth following can not only make your end of the year better, but it can start the new year off on a much stronger trajectory.

If you’re looking for any help in hiring for Q4, let us know. We can work together to make the process quicker and easier for you.