Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Hire Slow. Fire Fast.

Some maxims are worth their weight in gold – or at least some severance pay.

“Hire Slow” is one of them. It’s a right-fit recruitment principle that’s solid advice in any economy, but even more apropos in today’s unprecedented talent market.

Let’s be clear: hiring fast is often the culprit behind bad hires – or worse, an average hire. One phone and one in-person interview is typically not enough to determine if a candidate is a right-fit.

But here’s how the faulty logic goes: ‘I’m losing great candidates in the interview process to competitors. I’ve got to hire faster!’

That’s a sure sign the company needs to do a better job of conveying at every step of the candidate experience this is a great opportunity within a great organization – and worth the wait!

Let’s be more clear: we are not saying to take your time. We’re saying create opportunities to develop a meaningful relationship and to observe the candidate’s values and qualities in a variety of settings: email exchanges, multiple calls, a meal, offsite meetings. It is in the ordinary, everyday things we do, as opposed to formal interview settings, wherein a candidate’s values, attitudes and aptitudes emerge. Now you will know they are a right-fit.

Hiring slow is comprised of a methodical, well-considered set of experiences – some with people not vested in the outcome – with the goal of qualifying the candidate and supporting the hiring manager to arrive at a great decision. Executed correctly, you’ll never hire a stranger.

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