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Hiring Around Your Values

When you’re looking for that leader worth following, and finding the right-fit person that’s going to stick with your company, you have to hire around your values. Hiring around your values means finding a person that exemplifies them and can help ensure your entire team is living them out every day.

Your values should be something that your entire company knows, especially your leaders. They’re arguably the most important culture piece to your company and should be used to both hire and fire. They’re the perfect filter to find that right fit.

Leaders worth following are also likely only going to go with a company that demonstrates their own personal values as well. In fact, according to the City of London Economic Research, 98% of employees wouldn’t work somewhere that does not fit their values.

Two men shaking hands in interview hiring around values

How to ensure you’re hiring around your values:

  1. Be upfront about them on job descriptions. This shows the kind of person you’re looking for and what your company values.
  2. Talk about them in the interview process. Talk through each value, define them, and see if the candidate has any reservations about them.
  3. Create values-based interview questions. Not only do you talk about them, but you ask questions that show they truly fit these values.

Use your values to not only hire, but attract that great talent. It’s even more important in these leadership and senior roles to look at values first before looking at skills. After all, they’re going to be leading a team of people that you want to follow your values.

We understand the importance of hiring the right person that can execute your vision. That means hiring someone that matches well with your culture. If you’re looking for any help, please reach out to us.

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