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How to Evaluate ‘Capacity’ for Right-Fit Hires

Capacity encompasses both present and future. When evaluating a candidate, we may focus on fit for today and short-term. For a truly right fit, the future potential of the role and the candidate’s capacity to grow must also match.

This is the final of a 3-part series on utilizing the right-fit People Analyzer™ tool featured in this Handler Report. Here we expand on question three, “Does the candidate have the Capacity to Do It?”

With fast-paced change guaranteed, organizations and their roles must also quickly adapt. Employees must similarly quickly evolve.

It’s a given that the candidate’s skills, experience and education must support optimum performance. In addition, look for a willingness to learn and to grow, and the intellect and drive to where the role and the organization are headed in the future.

Certainly, components of Capacity can be further developed, but evaluating this competency for today and tomorrow is essential.

The Get-It, Want-It, Capacity-to-do-It questions are like a three-legged stool: each leg is indispensable for success. To ensure right-fit, all three answers must be “Yes.” A “No” or “Maybe” in any area, despite how strong the other two legs might be, will not result in a truly right-fit hire.

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