Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

How to Gauge Who ‘Gets It’ for Right-Fit Hires

If you hire a candidate who doesn’t “Get It” in People Analyzer™ terms, it won’t be a right-fit hire.

We introduced the right-fit People Analyzer™ tool and its 3-question formula – “Get It? Want It? and Capacity To Do It?” in this Handler Report.

The candidate who truly Gets It deeply understands what must be accomplished in the role, knows how to use existing systems to do it, and is compatible with the organization’s culture and rhythm. The final piece of Get It is the candidate’s comprehension of how the role fits into the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and vision.

When candidates Get It, they can articulate in their own words the key responsibilities of the role. Accounting for the organization’s flow and flavor, they can explain the manner in which they would go about doing the job, and why. Finally, they realize the significance of the position, and the impact their success or failure would have on the organization.

The strength of the question, “Does this candidate Get It?” is in the answer: It’s either a “Yes” or it’s not a right-fit hire.

Don’t have time to read this blog? Click here to listen to Managing Partner Eric Handler provide an overview into the Get It piece of the People Analyzer™.