How To Make A New Employee Feel Welcome

Taking a new job is a big deal. A new job opportunity has the ability to change someone’s life. 

When you hire new employees and put in place new leaders worth following, you impact more than just the life of one candidate, you impact countless others. 

It’s important we hear from these candidates so we can learn from their experiences, and learn how we can better prepare future leaders for the workplace, as well. 

We talk to all of our candidates after they’re placed in a new position. It’s important for us to hear how they’re doing and if things are going well for them.

Here are 5 things we’ve heard from candidates recently: 

  1. “I felt so welcomed from the second I arrived.  My workspace and equipment were there and someone was by my side ensuring I was up and running perfectly.”
  2. “My hiring manager cleared their schedule and walked me through the office introducing me to everyone I would be working with.”
  3. “There was a group scheduled to take me to lunch and they really wanted to get to know me.
  4. “My schedule and training were detailed, and my hiring manager took personal responsibility for that.”
  5. “People were ‘THOUGHTFUL’ and my onboarding experience was so excellent. It made me super pumped that I made such a good decision to join this first-class organization.” 

New hires want to feel welcome. Employees are looking for a chance to make an impact in the workplace, feel challenged and be a part of a transformational culture.

So, as hiring managers, how can you make sure a new employee feels welcome and like they made the right decision to join your team? 

Here are a few things you can try: 

  • Spend a couple of hours each week to meet with new hires and get to know them. 
  • Make sure they are working around people who can help answer questions.
  • Have weekly touchpoints to talk and learn about how they are doing.
  • Take the time to have lunch with them (even if it’s a virtual lunch meeting). 

If we want to keep in place top talent, we need to create an environment where candidates feel confident and comfortable. The best way to do this as a leader is to lead first by example.