How to make sure you hire the right executive

There are many variables to consider when looking through a stack of resumes to find a hire. How do you find that one candidate who will make a difference and change the way you do business? 

How do you find the leader worth following?

Evaluate Past Experience 

Past experience is a great predictor of a candidate’s future. It shows what they have focused their time on and where they will have success later.

Past experience is not the single greatest indicator of what makes the right executive and the leader worth following. But it helps you evaluate their potential and can be a great predictor of their future. 

Make Culture Fit A Priority

Your company’s culture matters. Candidates will follow companies they believe in. Make sure your employees and potential candidates know your company’s values. Make this a priority so you can find a leader who aligns with those.

Listen to what executives tell you during the hiring process because finding the right culture fit should be your top priority. The right culture fit can often be more important than any specific skills a candidate has because if the person you hire is not the right culture fit, then your team will not be prepared to follow them.


One of the best steps you can take to find the right executive is to network with people and companies who have worked with this candidate before. Don’t be afraid to reach out to referrals and previous employers to find out more about this candidate.

It’s important to learn how they work with other people before deciding to hire them to lead your team. 

Finding the right executive is important—we know this as well as anybody.