Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Recruit to Win

Recruiting is either a strategic advantage for your organization or a severe handicap. 

Here’s a way to test yours: If your company’s primary action to fill a new position is to ‘post it,’ you’re stuck in old school recruiting.

Seriously, the ‘post-and-pray’ model hasn’t changed since the advent of the newspaper. Yes, it’s digital now, but it’s still as passive as it can possibly get, and holds little hope of attracting top talent.

Yet we’ve observed that it’s hard for organizations to break free of this outdated model in order to truly rethink its talent acquisition strategy. It’s no wonder, then, that leaders are hard pressed to leverage leadership as a business strategy. 

What most post-and-pray advocates don’t recognize is that the model draws from the pool of average; because in general, only people who are unemployed or unhappily employed look for jobs via postings. The problem with hiring average is that most of the time they stay average. 

On the other hand, an excellent use of in-house recruiting is to maximize employee referrals. This is proven to be the best source for new hires. But most companies have weak or uninspiring referral programs.

Constantly rethinking, re-evaluating, re-engineering your recruiting process is perhaps the best use of time because the only differentiator in today’s competitive marketplace is talent.

We at Handler & Associates look forward to partnering with you to ensure recruiting is your organization’s strategic advantage.

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