Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Innovation Is For Everyone

Is it a challenge for good ideas to rise to the top?  When was the last time you recognized someone for a new idea?

Giving your people the incentives and freedom to innovate and, ultimately, to help your company or department move forward is vital.  With rapid changes in technology and drastic shifts in the way we communicate and do business, it is absolutely critical for businesses today to develop a culture of innovation.  Innovation doesn’t always have to be related to developing new products or services.

A Goal For Innovation – create the capability to continuously and seamlessly adapt and refine your products, services and operations.

If your organization or department is currently lacking in these key areas, you are not alone — many of the world’s top companies are struggling with the same problem.  As a leader, don’t get complacent, but strive for positive change, efficiencies and innovations in your career and your business.

Check out “The Innovator’s Solution” by Clayton M. Christianson and Michael Raynor, in which the authors identify processes that can help spark innovation and show managers how to tailor their strategies to adapt to evolving circumstances.