Alissa Hawkins headshot Written by: Alissa Hawkins

Insights and takeaways from Be Your Future Self Now

At the start of the year, our team read the book, Be Your Future Self Now by Dr. Benjamin Hardy. It’s an incredible book about developing healthy habits that allow you to become your best self. It really causes you to see yourself differently and focus on your goals and future. 

What we’ve learned from reading this book:

” Now that I have a clear picture of my future self, I will make massive and focused investments in those activities that help me get closer to my future self.  This gives me a 10 times compounding effect toward those goals.  It rids me of time-consuming tasks that are not effective.  My future self is my North Star to make decisions every day about my time and my efforts.”

Alissa holding the book Be Your Future Self Now

This book has been pretty life-changing for our team as we’ve used it in multiple ways since we read it. We’ve each taken the time to write out who our future self is and have utilized coaching opportunities to talk through this. How can the leadership at Handler help each team member be their future self now? It’s been a challenging and fun exercise that has taught us a lot about each other.

You can purchase the book, Be Your Future Self Now, here.

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