Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Interuptability – Leading in constant change

Let’s face it. The market is a rollercoaster for all of us and has been for quite some time. As leaders, we’re all dealing with constant change and we’re tasked with not only embracing that change but also guiding our teams through it. 

Leading in constant change can be challenging. 

How we handle change that comes our way, and, more specifically, how we lead our team through that change is what matters most.

Eric Handler at the head of an office table talking to his team about leading in constant change

One of the ways leaders can deal with change in a healthy way is this idea of “interruptability.” Interuptability is the ability to effectively interrupt your actions when outside forces suddenly change – AND recovering well. What does it feel like when change happens at your company? What would your team say? 

This idea of interruptability refers to being able to control our actions and move seamlessly, without significant disruption. To do this, we must train ourselves to take on whatever comes our way with grace and confidence. It means creating systems and processes that can handle these interruptions without causing frustration or confusion for our teams.

Change can be emotionally taxing for anyone, but especially our teams. As leaders, we must acknowledge their concerns and prioritize their well-being. We’ve talked a lot about well-being at Handler (you can read more here and here). Demonstrate empathy as a leader and recognize the efforts of your team as they navigate through the changes with you. A team that feels cared for and supported is more likely to remain committed and motivated during periods of transformation.

Change often brings uncertainty, and in its absence, speculation can take root. As a leader, clear and transparent communication becomes your most potent tool. Foster an open-door policy where employees can voice their concerns and seek clarification. 

And lastly, always come back to your core values in times of change. Your values should never waver and always be true to who you are as a company and a team. They’re your guiding light in times of change.

Leading by example entails displaying the qualities you wish to see in your teams. Your ability as a leader to navigate change and challenges with grace inspires confidence in others which makes you a leader worth following.