Is a Bigger Search Firm Always Better? It’s Your Choice.

If you’re conducting a search for C-suite or executive roles, take a moment to reflect upon the search partner you want. A boutique executive search firm like Handler offers a distinct richness to the leadership hiring process that is unmatched by many of the national conglomerates. 

Here are 4 benefits of choosing a boutique executive search firm over a large, national enterprise: 

An Intense Understanding of the Local Leadership Market 

With a boutique partnership, your market is our market. We live and work here too. We know the gaps and growth markers of the region. 

We’ve seen the industry trends come and go and understand the impact on the talent landscape. We have a first-hand and local understanding of what competitive compensation packages should look like and will use that knowledge to serve your company and your candidates. 

Relationships That Go Deep

We operate in the Atlanta professional community. Our ties are extensive, and our connected reach is nearly immeasurable. The degrees of separation for us are slim if they exist at all. 

No matter what industry you’re in, the talent pools available to us are more than just potential candidates looking for a change. It’s collaboration, referrals, and access to those untapped, perfect-fit candidates who may not even be looking yet.

Personalized Service

At national firms, it’s challenging to provide a personalized and meaningful client experience when you’re working on 15 to 20 searches at a time. Here at Handler, it’s different. We focus on a maximum of 3-5 searches, ensuring your dedicated recruiter has the bandwidth to truly understand your needs. 

Atlanta’s been our home for 47 years. We’re invested in seeing your company thrive, not just filling a quota. As an executive search firm, we’re looking for more. We’re looking for leaders worth following. We’re committed to investing in the Atlanta professional economy and creating a workforce of qualified and innovative leaders to make our city and its companies better. 

Local Culture Meets “Culture-First” Hires

In the world of search, it is rare to struggle to find candidates with the target skills. The challenge is finding the right candidates that fit the culture. Handler believes culture fit is the essential part of hiring a leader worth following. Our team not only takes the time to understand your culture but can also help the right candidate make a seamless transition once they are hired.  

Find Your Next Leader Worth Following

Skip the hiring mistakes, delays, and headaches of working with the wrong organization. We’d love to help you fill a role within your director, VP & C-suite levels. Learn more about our search services here. At Handler, our purpose is to change lives through positive impact by becoming and delivering Leaders Worth Following. We are on the way to impact 5,000 lives by 2025!