Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Knowing & Living Your Values

Mission, vision and values statements can become a lighthouse that leaders build to guide organizational strategy, structure and alignment. They are power-packed influencers, and the evolution of their use is always unfolding. Are your values in action and used as an alignment tool to identify right-fit employees?

Values are only as good as their level of shared definition. One definition of ‘going the extra mile’ may differ drastically from another. Definitions help, and how frequently values are discussed is an indicator of how well values are being put into action.

Answer these simple questions, grade yourself and then do something to improve:

  •  Without looking, can you recite your corporate values?
  • Are your core values embraced by most employees and cited frequently by the leaders? If so, are they referenced regularly in meetings, discussions and business decisions?
  • Do your values play a role in ‘how we do business’? There are a lot of lines that can be crossed; values state where your organization draws the line.

If your values are alive and in action, you are unique in the marketplace. We at Handler see and experience our values in action every day. We’ve experienced the opposite too, and would never go back to being an organization whose values simply gather dust.

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