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Ways Leaders are Leveraging HR

Artificial intelligence has everyone wondering about the “Future of Work.” Latest thinking is, it’ll involve humans. So that’s got us wondering, what’s the future of HR, and how can organizations better leverage the function? Forbes recently addressed the issue in the article, Don’t replace your HR department, re-focus it. We find it to be an interesting perspective, and want to share the gist of it.

To begin, the author suggests getting HR out of anything that could be better-handled by other departments, this frees up HR to become strategically focused on onboarding, talent management and engagement, for example:

1) Extraordinary Onboarding: The point is to create an environment where the new employee experiences the passion of the organization’s mission, vision and values, and connects quickly with engaged colleagues.

2) Distinctive Talent Management: Intentionally manage performance, training, leadership development, mentoring and affinity groups.

3) Compelling Employee Engagement: Most neglected and important, engagement is the glue that needs to be measured, improved and strategically enhanced.

HR Departments that fail to evolve and focus on adding the highest value possible to the organization will be left behind to plan the next retirement party.

At Handler & Associates, we see people as the most valuable business strategy.

Additional resource: Click here to watch a 5-minute video on a successful HR Transformation Model.