Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Make The Trend Your Friend

In the past 30 years we have seen many changes in hiring and recruitment. The world has moved from newspaper employment classifieds, to job boards and then the rise of social media changed the game again by connecting people more closely to opportunities within their professional networks.

Coinciding with these changes has been an overall shift in workforce stability, going from an environment in which tenure ruled supreme to one where high rates of turnover have become more common. Today it’s much different, as the current generation of workers can expect to change jobs 13 to 15 times during their careers. 

Considering these significant and constant changes, businesses must think about how they can adjust to the prevailing winds of today’s economy to remain competitive and grow sustainably.

As you’re continually focused on improving your hiring and recruitment strategies, here are three questions to consider regarding this topic?

  1. Am I hiring talent that inspires innovation and focused on meeting the changing needs of our customer?
  2. How have I adjusted my hiring practices to take advantage of the transparency created by social media?
  3. Do I equip and train our leaders in a manner that keeps them challenged and engaged with the needs of the business?

Although it’s difficult to predict the shifts that will come in the next several years, one thing is certain — things will continue to change at an accelerated pace. Businesses that keep their eyes on the horizon, actively recruit the best leadership talent will be well positioned for the challenges of the future.

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