Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

More than Unique…Purposeful.

In an age when the benefits package is gaining more magnetism, savvy employers are standing out by offering unique and unusual perks.

For instance, when would it make sense for an employer to offer body-freezing upon death as an employee benefit? When said employer seeks to attract employees who are passionately pro- artificial intelligence.

Similar to aligning corporate give-back to corporate mission, crafting custom perks to strengthen the employer brand, attract best-fit talent, and unify culture leverages the investment to triple duty.

A case in point:  Mystery Tackle Box’s mission is to “rescue people from the indoors.” Its mission-aligned unique benefit is three paid “Outdoor Days” per year. Teams can tap it too.

Then there’s the travel agency that fully funds a trip a year for employees to visit a new place, and the snow board maker that buys ski passes and sends employees to the slopes after big snowfalls.

Unique perks need not be expensive nor extravagant to work their magic; what matters most is that they deepen the employees’ connection to the corporate mission and values.

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