Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Research Reveals: 2018 Top Talent More Open to Career Moves

This year’s No. 1 reason that Top Talent are open to new opportunities is a surprise. It runs contrary to what we always hear. In fact, it didn’t even make the top three reasons in last year’s index.

A full 93% of Atlanta’s Top Talent are open to changing companies, up from 85% a year ago, according to the Handler & Associates 2018 Top Talent Confidence Index┬«. 

Of those open to make a career move, 71% expect to do so within one or two years.

In the midst of this competitive marketplace, companies must be even more proactive in protecting their talent. 

If your organization is in a contracting situation, where profitability is being squeezed, consider it a given that your Top Talent are highly open to moving. So while you’re in the process of restructuring and focusing on profitability, don’t for a moment forget to take excellent care of your Top Talent.

Conversely, if your company is on the winning end of the economy, the talent market has tightened further. We expect Top Talent acquisition will remain extremely competitive for another 12 to 24 months; and you can be assured that your best performers have new opportunities being brought to their attention more frequently.

No matter what the 2018 strategy of your organization, be advised that it should include protecting your Top Talent (see the additional resource below for tips).

We appreciate the input of everyone who participated in the survey, and congratulations to the winner of the Air Pods. Click here to view the complete survey results, including the shifts from last year and the surprising No. 1 reason.

Additional resource:  Click here for our Retention Strategy Brief: 10 Tips to Create a Solid Strategy to Retain Top Talent.