Laura Lloyd headshot Written by: Laura Lloyd

Shift in candidate engagement due to layoffs

While it is way too early to predict any real trends, we are noticing an ever-so-slight shift in candidate engagement. 

Most of us are reading news reports of workforce reductions by US corporate giants. Thousands of employees, including those in leadership positions, are being laid off. And leaders in other companies are beginning to notice, too.

Candidate on the phone while looking at computer screen

After all of these layoffs, with more sure to come, we’ve seen an uptick in candidates reaching back to us inquiring about new roles as a “just in case” strategy. What if workforce reduction comes to their company? They want to be prepared. Is this the beginning of a trend or just a few anecdotal incidents? 

Could 2023 be the year you can attract top-tiered leaders never before available? With these leaders reaching out for a backup plan, you may be able to find that leader worth following you’ve been waiting for. They are now keeping their options open.

One thing is for sure, the unpredictability of 2023 will require focused recruitment strategies and excellent hiring opportunities. Will you be ready?