Dawnmarie Taylor

Dawnmarie Taylor

Firm Administrator


  • Personality tests say she is

    Flexible, People-oriented, Patient and Empathetic.

  • Her superpower

    Staying calm under pressure.

  • Her favorite restaurant in Atlanta

    McCray’s Tavern in Smyrna

  • When she’s not working

    You'll find her in her workshop, meticulously crafting beautiful wreaths, centerpieces, and floral arrangements.

About Dawnmarie

The Crafty Admin

Dawnmarie brings a wealth of administrative experience to Handler, having honed her skills across healthcare, tech, and engineering industries. Originally from New York, she made Atlanta her home after college, before returning to her roots in 2011. The lure of the South, however, proved irresistible, and she returned to Atlanta with her husband, Zach, and currently lives in Smyrna. 

Dawnmarie thrives on being a supportive partner and the reliable right hand to whomever she works with. She finds immense satisfaction in exceeding expectations and diving into uncharted territory. Beyond her dedication and expertise, Dawnmarie brings a positive and giving spirit to the table. She boasts a great sense of humor and the ability to roll with the punches, making her a fantastic teammate.

What a Leader Worth Following Means to Dawnmarie:

A leader worth following is someone who lives the mission of the company and follows through on their word. They do what they say they’ll do and they mean what they say.

Meet her 3 cats – Otto, Storm, and Teghan!

This trio – two sleek black cats and a distinguished gray one – might not exactly cuddle, but they’ve mastered the art of co-existence. Teghan, the lone gray amidst the black fur, may need to occasionally fend for himself, but a truce generally holds. While Dawnmarie dreams of adding a canine companion to the mix, she knows it might disrupt the delicate feline balance!