Tammy McElroy

Search Consultant


  • Her mission

    To change lives

  • What she loves most

    Helping people, talking to people and hearing someone’s story

  • In her previous life

    Teacher and wrote a book

  • Her favorite spot around Atlanta

    Historic Alpharetta for its small town, eclectic feel

  • What she does in her free time

    A closet decorator that loves being creative, container gardening, and cooking

About Tammy

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

As a Search Consultant for Handler, I am a highly organized and efficient facilitator with talent in planning, organizing, and managing. I enjoy connecting and empowering both the individual as well as the organization. 

What a Leader Worth Following Means to Tammy:

A leader worth following is a confident leader. They’re empathetic and put others in front of himself or herself. They aren’t threatened by others.

My past experiences include teaching, consulting, and developing curriculum for private and public education and co-authoring a book, The Edutainer: Connecting the Art and Science of Teaching. I have a real desire to serve others with great enthusiasm! 

Meet her dog, Maverick

Maverick is a goldendoodle who is filled with energy — it’s like living with Tigger! Maverick also thinks he’s a human; he’d rather hang with people than other dogs. His favorite thing to do is go on long walks and stand by the treat jar with his paw in the air.