Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

The Candidate Experience

If your company were a retail product on a shelf, would your right-fit candidates want to buy it?

The consumer products industry spends billions to influence buying decisions, and each dollar spent can be traced, in one way or another, to building the brand of the company and the brands of each product.

It’s not unlike building an employer brand and promoting open positions.

Handler believes the fastest way for employers to build a strong employer brand is to create an excellent candidate experience.

Are you creating “Raving Candidates” based on their experience with your company? Most leaders haven’t experienced their employer brand as an outsider in a long time…or have long forgotten their own experience.

Today’s tight talent market means right-fit candidates have more options and are more aware of their experience with you. Creating an excellent, airtight, carefully considered candidate experience is a differentiator that we know gets the attention of Top Talent.

We know because candidates tell us. Let’s be intentional as there is only one chance to make the right first impression.

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