Trends and Priorities For CFOs In 2024

As we look back on 2023 and look ahead at 2024, we see that the trends and priorities for CFOs have changed dramatically. It’s natural to take stock of the past as you kick off a new year and a new quarter, but it can be challenging to target exactly where your focus should be. 

Use this resource in the new year to gain a little clarity and help you and your team get excited for what’s next in 2024.

Adapting To The Evolving Digital Landscape

It feels like this idea will never leave our front-facing view. Change and evolution are embedded in the DNA of our digital-forward economy, and it’s up to executives and C-suite leaders to herald shifts in the market. 

However, according to PwC’s Emerging Technology Survey, 88% of CFOs and executive leaders have trouble capturing the value of tech. As AI tools and ML capabilities advance, so does the potential for stronger data, analytics, and efficiency. Harness the potential these tech advances offer and empower your team to elevate their output.

Embracing Multifaceted Finance Roles

You are the keepers of the numbers, and numbers tell a story. CFOs can be the driving force behind the company’s awareness of valuable insights and trend forecasting. 

From financial management to organizational restructuring, positioning the CFO as a cornerstone of future planning can enhance growth potential. Be or find the kind of talent that can embrace this type of CFO role – that of a trusted advisor to help grow the company in 2024.

Strategic Risk Mitigation and Compliance Measures

Companies count on the CFO to develop frameworks tailored to regulatory compliance requirements to maintain the trust of company leadership and stakeholders. Collaborate with your legal teams to conduct comprehensive risk assessments and institute ongoing training to support a compliance-minded culture. Take the time to cultivate partnerships with third-party advisors who can contribute valuable insights and enhance in-house efforts. 

Be The Top Talent Companies Are Looking For

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