Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

Using Assessments for Right-Fit Results

Assessment technology is changing the landscape of employee selection, and artificial intelligence promises to take the recruitment process even further.

There are literally thousands of assessment tools available. It can feel a bit overwhelming. Are we using the best tool for candidate assessment? The latest? The greatest?
We have some tips regarding assessments that will benefit your right-fit recruitment even more than a review or recommendation. Here goes:
1.    Pick One: All of the top assessments provide valuable, objective input that can be considered in the right-fit recruitment process. Rather than chasing the newest ones, pick one and stick with it.
2.    Train Everyone On It: Like any new gadget, process or software program, most of us barely scratch the surface of the full scope of abilities. It’s in your right-fit recruitment strategy’s best interest to train everyone on how to use the assessment and the analysis of results extensively. Become experts on it.
3.    Use It Consistently: It’s only as your organization consistently administers and analyzes and uses the assessment results in its right-fit recruitment process that the tool can deliver value.

Put these three tips into action and your organization will have yet another solid step in place to assist right-fit talent acquisition.

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