Eric Handler headshot Written by: Eric Handler

What Does An Amazing Employee Do?

Every company has a list of top talent, but who are your amazing employees?  We recently came across the attached article that will easily guide you down that path.  The article enumerates 10 characteristics and traits of truly extraordinary achievers with suggestions how employers can recognize and reward these outstanding behaviors.

We wanted to share this information with you in the belief that you will find these insights of interest and possibly of direct application and value.  Here’s our “Top 3”:

  1. Generate Viable Opportunities – You don’t have to be in sales or marketing to help a company grow. Strong networkers from all divisions see company growth as a collective effort and constantly keep their eyes open for ways to more than pay for themselves. What you can do: Make sure all your employees understand your value proposition and can easily identify opportunities. Then reward them openly for their efforts.
  2. Tell It Like It Is – Amazing employees understand that hiding bad news helps no one. They find kind ways to bring uncomfortable information to the surface, but they DO bring it to the surface. They tell people what’s necessary before major damage is done. What you can do: Foster an open communication environment where people are not only given permission to tell the truth, but also absolutely required.
  3. Stimulate Happiness – Amazing employees aren’t always sunshine and roses. They do know how to keep it real. But they understand the dynamics of people, stress, and the blend of work, life and friendship. They are self-aware and able to direct their own path that brings out their best with family, friends and career. They exude positive energy even in stressful times and share it around, making for a happier office. What you can do: Create an environment where people can openly express themselves. Encourage them to work hard in fulfilling ways and achieve their dreams.

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