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What Hiring Managers Should Ask Recruiters

The past couple of years has made things tougher on hiring managers searching for top talent—our country is experiencing what we at Handler are calling a “labor reset.” 

This change in the job market is unprecedented, and workplace participation has permanently changed: Baby Boomer retirements, fewer foreign workers, and three times more open jobs than at pre-pandemic levels. Also, there’s now a new generation of Millennial leaders—75% of the global workforce will be Millennials by 2025.

Hiring managers are looking for ways to gain an advantage, and one of the best ways to gain an advantage over the competition is by partnering with a recruiter.

We hear all kinds of questions when we speak to managers, but if you want to make the right hire fast, then you need to be confident in your choice to hire the right recruiter. And to do that, you need to make sure you ask the right questions.

Here are some examples of what hiring managers are saying vs. what hiring managers should ask recruiters before partnering with them to search for job candidates. 

  1. What they are saying: In this role, I have several skills and qualifications I am seeking in the candidate. I prefer to hire someone with all of the skills rather than “train up.” 

What they should ask: Is my budget for compensation in line with the job market and these requirements, or is the market driving up compensation? 

  1. What they are saying: I need this role immediately. I am preparing to fill this role in the coming month or so. 

What they should ask: What are your firm’s average days to place a candidate? Is it realistic to think I can have the candidate on board in a short time? 

  1. What they are saying: I need this leader to work cross-functionally within our organization and there are a lot of stakeholders. 

What they should ask: What are your search techniques to ensure the candidate is the right culture fit and will seamlessly adapt to our culture and values? 

  1. What they are saying: It is important that many members of our team interview the candidate so they will have buy-in on the hire.

What they should ask: In this competitive market, what do you suggest in best practices for interviews in attracting top talent to my role? 

  1. What they are saying: I like to think we have a “flexible in-office work plan.”

What they should ask: What are the expectations of top talent in terms of working in the office environment after the pandemic? 

  1. What they are saying: 2022 seems like an exceptionally hard year to find the right candidate. It is taking longer and the candidates are making a lot of demands.

What they should ask: What has changed in terms of recruiting top talent leaders?  

Hiring companies need to be ready to face the fierce war for talent by partnering with the right recruiter to help overcome the competition for talent in these times. 

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Despite these unprecedented recruitment times, we can help you find leaders worth following!