Alissa Hawkins headshot Written by: Alissa Hawkins

What Transformation Means to Top Talent

The buzzword all over corporate America is “transformation.” That means there’s a renewed focus on everything and anything that a company can do to be different, to stand out and to make themselves the most attractive company to new leaders looking for another opportunity. 

We’ve learned over the past couple of years that there’s no such thing as a normal workday. Your company is doing something every day that is transformational. These top candidates want to experience that variety and change, to feel challenged but also like they are making an impact and a part of this transformational culture. 

So, what can you do with this information? 

Your company is in a unique position to attract new leaders as you plan for the future, and here’s how you can prepare to do it:

  1. Executive courage: Your leadership, from the top down, has to think outside the box. Attracting top talent takes courage. You can’t be afraid to implement organizational change because that’s what it might take to attract top leaders to your workplace.
  2. Constantly challenge processes: We talk to clients all the time who are wondering why they can’t secure top talent—they have job openings that aren’t getting the quality hires they’re used to. What we’re hearing is candidates perceive businesses are stuck in an old way of doing things. They aren’t willing to change processes, and because of that, they aren’t getting the leaders worth following. 
  3. Adapt, adapt, adapt: With all of that we say here, it’s also important to note this environment is new and constantly changing. What new tactics you implement now to attract talent may need to change in a month. But, you can’t be afraid of that. You have to be willing to adapt as many times as is necessary. 

We can help you identify the best leadership talent for critical senior-level executive positions. The demand for top talent has never been greater, but we know we can help you get that talent and leaders worth following on your staff.