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Who are You to Others? Personal Branding Part 1 of 2.

How do you think your boss, clients and colleagues perceive you?  What is your reputation with them?

Be brutally honest with yourself. 

The answer you come up with describes “BRAND YOU.” It’s your personal brand, and you are the Director of Marketing whose job it is to manage that brand. Great leaders understand the value of creating a great brand.

We’ve conducted nearly 3,000 retained executive searches and part of the process is to gain an understanding of how others feel about each executive candidate under consideration. If we were to interview your peers and colleagues today, what is the personal brand about you that would emerge?

If the answer leaves something to be desired, start today to improve the perception others have of you. The truth is that we have a lot of control over the impressions we make on others. Consider:

  • What do your manners say about you? 
  • What about your clothes? 
  • Your level of fitness?
  • Your social media posts?
  • Your work ethic? 
  • Your attitude?

Personal branding is NOT a self-promotion campaign. It is an understanding of how our values and behaviors communicate who we are to others. “Brand You” is your reputation, and it impacts every relationship and supports or sidelines your leadership trajectory.

Next month in Personal Branding Part 2 we’ll share tips on how to make your personal brand a story worth hearing.

Additional Resource: Click here for a Forbes article, Seven Things You Can Do to Build an Awesome Personal Brand.

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