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Why Do Leaders Leave?

Leaders don’t leave companies.  They leave their leaders.  When good leaders become frustrated and leave a company the business is rarely to blame.  The blame most often rests with their leaders.  Ineffective senior leaders can have a profound effect on the potential of their subordinates and ultimately the organization.  

We’ve backed our own personal experiences with a bit of research and arrived at 5 key reasons why leaders leave organizations. 

  • They are told “No” too many times – Leaders have ideas they want to see implemented.  They become frustrated with senior leaders that discourage new ideas that might rock the boat.
  • They feel unappreciated and their abilities are never recognized – This goes for all team members.  People need to know that what they are offering is valued or they will find a new home that values what they bring to the table. 
  • They aren’t given a voice – Leaders want input into the direction of the organization.  Everyone likes to feel as though their input is important. 
  • They are left clueless as to the future of the organization – Leaders need inside information so they feel ownership in the overall direction of the organization.  They need to have a firm grasp of the role they play in the organization’s success.
  • Their vision isn’t aligned with the vision of the organization – This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is best discovered before the leader joins the team.

Senior leaders have a choice to make.  Embrace and encourage the leaders in their organization, or stifle them and spend valuable time and effort consistently replacing them.  If you want to keep leaders…then let them lead!

Additional Resource:  Forbes contributor Mike Myatt – Top 10 Reasons Your Talent Will Leave You

Source:  Ron Edmondson

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