Alissa Hawkins headshot Written by: Alissa Hawkins

Write a Great Job Description to Attract Leaders Worth Following

In this competitive job market, the job description is the first, and arguably the most, important step. It has to sell the job and encourage the right people to apply. If you want to hire Leaders Worth Following, you have to start with the right job description.

Pen sitting on top of job description paper - write a great job description

After reading many job descriptions, talking to many candidates, and seeing how the market is, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use the right words. Skip the adjectives like “rockstar” and “guru” and “ninja.” These adjectives mean something different to everyone and don’t offer any real value.
  • Focus on your culture. What makes your company unique? Consider asking employees why they love working there and what attracted them to the company in the first place. We call this your “company sizzle.”
  • Create urgency with your job description. This encourages candidates to apply right away.
  • Your job description should not only list the roles and responsibilities but should paint the picture of what their day-to-day would look like. Use engaging words and share the impact this position will have. 
  • Use the word “you” instead of “candidate” or “this person.” This allows the person reading it to envision themselves in the job.
  • Less long paragraphs about you, more bulleted lists about the ideal candidate. I can’t stress this one enough. Candidates would much rather scan a bulleted list.
  • Candidates are looking for a challenge. Don’t sugarcoat the bad or challenging parts of the job – be upfront and lay it on the table. Most companies are seeking change agents right now. Just say it!
  • Supply a salary range. Or at the very least an idea of what they can expect. This can mean sharing how competitive your pay is in the market or it can mean sharing the range you expect to pay. Very few companies do this. It will not only help you stand out but will help you attract the right candidates.
  • A current trend is to identify the role as in-office, hybrid, or remote. This will avoid misalignment with the candidate’s workplace desires.

Lastly, show your enthusiasm! Be sure your job description casts vision and a bright future.