Christi Howard headshot Written by: Christi Howard

Ways to secure top talent in today’s candidate-driven market

Large numbers of people have quit jobs over the past year in what has become colloquially known as “The Great Resignation.” While that name seems to highlight an apparently dire job market, what the term failed to encapsulate was a group of people who weren’t just looking to quit their job. 

People wanted to pursue other careers, find their niche or turn a side-hustle into a full-time gig. Ultimately, the Great Resignation shifted into what was referred to as “The Great Reshuffle.” 

Candidates’ priorities and needs have shifted over the past two years, especially. So, how do we adapt in order to keep leaders worth following on your staff, and how do you make yourself attractive to those people who are looking for a career change?

Emphasize your company’s values

What does your company care about most? Your organization’s values could help out a lot when it comes to enticing new talent to come work for you. You could find the right person on paper—the person who checks all of the boxes and would immediately add value to your company–but if they aren’t a good fit for company culture, they won’t stay long term. 

Write an attractive job post

The job description is the first step in the hiring process. You need to be able to find a way to summarize more than just qualifications and expectations. You need to find a way to sell your business to those potential new leaders. People need to be able to envision themselves filling this role. Here’s our suggestion for filling out the perfect job description in order to attract top talent.

Search for talent, not just experience

Does having an exact set of skills necessary predict future success? If you are looking for an arbitrary set of skills or someone who checks off items on a list, then you could skip over the right hire.

Offer competitive benefits and perks

Wellness benefits, 401K, remote-work policies, flex hours, unlimited paid time off—these are a few things that could entice both passive and active job seekers in this current market.

Be intentional in everything you do. You’ve built a successful business and have acquired the right talent up to this point. But in today’s market, making sure you have these few things in place as you search will only help you build on that success in the long run.