What it’s like to work for Handler: Nysie Henry

Nysie Henry is the Office Support Leader for Handler. She joined the Handler team in March 2016 after visiting with the Atlanta Jobseekers group, which is how she met CEO Eric Handler.

Before coming to Handler, Nysie worked in a variety of functions of administration, business development support and recruiting assistance. She also has more than 10 years of experience acting in roles at the Center for Puppetry Arts and Georgia Renaissance Festival. Nysie is an Atlanta native, and if you ask the team at Handler to describe Nysie they would say she is the kindest person they have ever met!

We asked Nysie to share her experiences working with Handler and here’s what she shared!

Question: What made you want to work for Handler?

Nysie: My current role at that time six years ago was going away. So, I asked God where I should go. I went to the Atlanta Jobseekers meeting. We were all sitting in a circle and going around the circle sharing our elevator pitches. After I shared, Eric said to me, “Nysie, I might have some work for you.” Eric needed an admin and, knowing him, he had been praying for one, too. So voila, there was a possible answer and alignment. I knew I needed to pursue this possible opportunity for employment since my current role was going to no longer be. So I took the risk and I’ve never looked back. It has been an amazing opportunity and a dream fulfilled.

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Question: What do you like about Handler’s approach to recruiting?

Nysie: First of all, I would say that Eric does everything with his whole heart and mind poured into it. And he has a love for brainstorming. He loves to brainstorm with others. This love and this action of brainstorming have generated some personal and innovative ways that Handler recruits. 

We are very intentional and hands-on. Thus, our mission of changing lives—to positively impact 5,000 lives by 2025. I like that.

Question: What does it mean to be “100% For One Another?”

Nysie: You know, we don’t always live in a world where people have our backs. And I think at Handler we’re definitely not perfect—certainly not perfect at being for one another—but it is something I think we aim for. To help each other, to be kind, patient with each other’s shortcomings, respectful, polite, and overall, to treat each other really well. 

We just read a book called, “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott, and I think that book helped us a lot and helped to open up discussions of how we really can be 100% for one another. I would like to paraphrase what my coworker Tammy challenged us with during one of our book study sessions. She said, “If you really care about and love someone, you will tell them the truth, not in a rude or aggressive way, but you will tell them the truth in such a way that they can hear it.” 

Question: What does a typical day look like for Handler? Is there such a thing as a typical day?

Nysie: I don’t think we have a typical standard day overall at Handler, as we all work remotely, but our rhythm at Handler comes in the form of our team time weekly.  As well as currently, we are meeting once a month for lunch, breakfast, or a team outing.

Question: What does being a “leader worth following”  mean to you?
Nysie: I think being a leader worth following means you need humility, you need integrity, and you need a little brilliance, plus a lot of vision, as well as the ability to manage conflicts and people. 

Question: What was one of your most memorable experiences during your time with Handler?

Nysie: Every year, beginning on Nov. 1, we do the “Handler Challenge” where we pick one daily goal or habit to do for 21 days. The very first year of Eric coming up with this, I chose to walk daily for ten minutes. It was a small achievable goal for me. Eric, Laura and Bill were behind me and really rooting for me, and I felt that.

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